Tango is now in Old Palace!

Make your vacation different this time and join us in Tango!


Tango Argentino originally is a social salon dance that was found since 1850 in Buenos Aires for the reason that people can socialize, meet each other and have great time, since then Tango has grown, evolved, spread all over the world and became now one of the most attractive trends still for the same exact reasons. Now we have a surprise for our guests, its exclusive for Old Palace Resort and not available elsewhere in the area. Tango Argentino now is in Old Palace. Learn to dance with our professional Tango instructor Mounieb and his team during your stay with us and discover the Tango dancer inside you!

Good news is Tango is a social dance for couples and also singles, it can be learned at any age – so it is including the elderly. You don’t need to have a special fitness level or a special body type to dance Tango. It really is as simple as that: “if you can walk – then you can Tango!”

There will be 8 hours of Tango lessons on four days in-a-row 2 hours each, followed on the fifth day by our classy Tango party – where you can show how much you already have learned, dance with your couple or dance, socialize and team up with your new friends and Tango mates you have met during your lessons in a fun magical atmosphere.

Tango is loved by dancers as much as by the audience for its beauty, drama, passion, inspiration and excitement. Why just sit and witness while you can join and be a part of this magical atmosphere!

Meet Your Trainer !

Mounieb Tango School is a dance school in Hurghada exclusively for Tango Argentino. We have over a decade of experience in this beautiful art. The Tango teacher Mounieb is a professional trainer holding the certificate of CIPT (certified international professional trainer). In 2014 he was honored to represent his hometown Alexandria, Egypt in the World Cup of Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His home base and dance studio is in Hurghada, but he also gives lessons, workshops and dance camps in Cairo and Alexandria. With him comes his team of female assistants and professional Tango dancers from different nationalities as Germany, Austria, Russia, Ukraine and Egypt.

He learned directly from the most famous Argentinian Tango stars, some of them are considered as the best in the history of Argentinian Tango dancing like Geraldine Rojas and Ezequiel Paludi, some of them are Broadway stars of Tango Argentino like Junior Cervila who was also a movie star of some Tango movies like the film “Tango” directed by Carlos Saura and film “The Tango Date” and now currently the choreographer of “Piazzolla Tango” and “Tango Porteneo”, two of the most prominent Tango shows in Argentina.

Also learned from Tango stars like Miguel Angel Zotto & Daina Guspero

Leandro Oliver & Laila Rezq, Facoundo Jill and many others, it was blessing to learn from all of them and it’s our mission to carry out their education and art to all our students in Egypt and all around the world.


Our Program

1st Lesson 2 Hours from 6 till 8 pm

Breaking the ice, introducing Tango group to each other, Tango introduction, how to embrace your partner, for gentle men how to invite a lady for a dance, for ladies how to accept or decline a dance invitation, introduction on how to walk together as a couple

2nd Lesson 2 Hours from 6 till 8 pm

Quick review of the first lesson, improving and learning different kinds of Tango embrace, Tango fun games to practice between the couples and among the group, introduction to learn the secrets of the Tango posture and how it allow gentle men to lead the ladies and ladies to follow the men through the dance floor, improve the walking techniques for the participants separately and as couples

3rd Lesson 2 Hours from 6 till 8 pm

Quick review on the previous lesson, increasing the awareness of the body movements along with sense of balance, learning different, beautiful unique Tango moves and poses, improve walking and walking among other couples as a team and integrating and connecting what you learned earlier and your new moves all together

4th Lesson 2 Hours from 6 till 8 pm

Review of all the previous classes, rehearsal and getting ready for the upcoming Tango party, fixing mistakes, learning Tango party protocols and dance floor craft, pictures with Tango group, teacher and a big group picture.

5th Lesson 2 Hours from 6 till 8 pm

Tango party and collective dinner having fun and dance with your Tango mates and friends.


Ps: the order of the subjects you are going to learn may change according to the group needs

Option for Private Lessons

Single Ladies: they can book classes (upon availability) and will have the valuable privilege of partnering with the Tango Teacher himself during the lessons. Like this the ladies’ development in Tango will be hugely enhanced.

Single gentlemen: they can also book private lessons (upon availability) and choose a partner among the hotel’s Tango group – or if available with one of the teacher’s assistants.